Friday, 18 March 2011

Finding a needle in an anthill!

But how easy is in reality to find a product in today's trading portals, without feeling that you are browsing the yellow pages? Unfortunately, most trading portals are built very similar to yellow pages. Products that are published for sale, after just a few days and at worst case only a few hours have grown old and has gone far down in the portal's list. And as a buyer, you see published products in a long list, pages after pages. So what is needed for an effective search is often missing or is very weak in the majority of today's trading portals. To succeed in selling or buying of a product in a simple manner, it must above all be found in a sea of other products in an efficient and simple way.

Very early in the development of Qalixa we realized the importance of searchable attributes to avoid the yellow page syndrome. To make this possible, we merged two standard, UNSPCS and eODT. UNSPCS with its comprehensive category structure and eODT with 60 000 attributes. But 60 000 attributes is still a drop in the ocean and it takes much more than that. In addition, product categories are very much alive, new products with entirely new properties are produced daily. So what is new today is old tomorrow. So you need an army of resources to keep attributes up to date. Therefore Qalixa allows users to establish and create their own attributes, which in turn can be used by other users. We simply give the authority and power to users. What Qalixa does is more or less verification of attribute's validity which is done in an automated manner. The attributes are verified and prioritized, attributes that are not used, get lower priority and attributes that are used more often receive higher priority. And Invalid attribute is identified and discarded. A so-called attributes Wikipedia!

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