Friday, 18 March 2011

Free and available to anyone in the world

Qalixa covers all countries in the world. People and companies from large and small cities all over the world access a trading portal to sell and buy services and products, new and old, in a geographical range that suits their specific needs and ability.

Qalixas ambition is to support as many languages ​​as possible to give as many people and businesses as possible access to a free trading portal.

We who have built Qalixa strongly believe in an Internet that is as far as possible free and available to everyone, so Qalixa is completely free of charge, no hidden fees whatsoever and no annoying ads.


  1. So, for free, right? What is your business case?

  2. Qalixa is available in two different editions:

    - Qalixa Community Edition (Qalixa CE)
    - Qalixa Enterprise Edition (Qalixa EE)

    Qalixa EE are private trading networks for Enterprises, so-called Supplier Networks. Qalixa EE is not free.

    Read more about Qalixa EE here:

    Only Qalixa CE at "" is free.