Thursday, 17 March 2011

Future e-trade belong to B4A

There is no need for different types of e-commerce portals anymore. Qalixa has combined the various B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B concepts in one simple and user friendly solution. The new concept is called Business-For-All (B4A). Being a B4A is the main reason that makes Qalixa so different from other trading portals.

Future e-trade belong to B4A, whether you're a seller or buyer, and regardless if you are an individual or businessman.

But Qalixa has other unique qualities and characteristics beyond being a B4A.

Small and large businesses with simple or complex products can expose their products both locally in their city, region and country or around the world with a global reach.

Qalixa have two different product categories, a simple category structure named Qalixa and a more comprehensive product category based on United Nations standards, UNSPCS. A product name that is not found in Qalixa category can be found with 100% certainty in UNSPCS. So UNSPCS for companies with unusual or complex products that are often directed to other companies and Qlixa category for companies targeting the usual end-consumers.

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