Saturday, 26 March 2011

Marketing, social media and funny ads

Marketing -- the art of getting attention to your product/service/profile and creating/adding a perceived value to this.

There got to be enough papers about marketing out there to build a couple of Eiffel towers if you would print them all.
I can honestly say, I have not read them all, but a few =).

Where to start?
Lets start from a personal perspective.
What attracts my attention?

I am one of those guys that love the "Funny commercials awards". An ad should be something that makes you think, makes you laugh. Youtube videos, highly recommended to kill some time
This is when mouth-to-mouth takes over the advertising. If it comes recommended, or discussed with a friend, I would more likely try/buy that product once I see it. does social medias fit in to this?
With the social media you enables people to rate and spread your ad directly.
You do not have to meet the person, it is a spur of the moment kind of thing.
Lets face it, the world is spinning a bit faster each day, you get a ton of information each day. Even if I see a really good ad, I might not remember it by the time I meet my friends for dinner later that night, or it has been replaced by another ad.
But...with for example, Facebook, I press the "like" button, and all my friends, family and other connections gets an indication that I found something worth noting.

Of course you want to target the right customer group for your product.
But, is it worth spending time on finding exactly the right target group or is more productive to find the channels that will reach the most people?
Since the internet is built like a big network, I would claim that more often it is about reaching the highest number of people and getting their interest. This way, you will eventually reach your target group of customers as well.
Let me take an example:
I love the commercial with Tiger Woods and Nike where they show a driving range of guys that, lets say, does not hit the ball very well. After Tiger shows up, everybody hits the ball in sync and they all reach 300 yards. (Watch the video, it is worth it!)

After I saw this, I recommended this link to most people I met.
More importantly, I recommended the link to people that did not play golf, had no interest in golf what so ever.
But I still find it worth their time to watch it because of the funny theme of it.
I am sure that some of them spread it around even more, eventually also to people that plays golf. (Mission accomplished)

One of the problems with funny ads are, which boundaries you can cross and which you cannot.
Between different countries and cultures, there are obviously big differences in both what is accepted and what is funny.
Here, I think, lies one of the greatest challenges to marketing funny ads via social medias.

For example, is it alright to make an ad with the slogan of "You can even sell your mother-in-law on Qalixa!"?
(Well, yes, it definitely depends on your trademark strategy, which customer group you have and a lot of other factors for your specific company.
Any suggestions/"lessons learned" on strategy here is more than welcome!)

But on the bright side, we all love challenges, don´t we?

This was the initial post of a series about marketing ideas and strategies.
Follow us for the rest of the series where we take the ideas a bit further.

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