Saturday, 19 March 2011

Our vision Qalixa

We are a team of experienced software developers in Gothenburg, Sweden who has worked for nearly two years to develop Qalixa. Developing Qalixa has been more or less a vision and dream that was converted into a major challenge. We thought at the beginning that our experience was enough to develop Qalixa. But it turned out that this was not the case. To develop Qalixa was much harder than we could ever believe. Only software background was not enough to develop the portal. Large part of the development time was spent reading in order to improve the domain knowledge. We made ​​too many mistakes in our journey which resulted in many sleepless nights. But ultimately Qalixa is ready now, at least enough ready for release. There is a long list of functionality in Qalixa's roadmap. But the current version which was released is just good enough to begin with. We hope those who use Qalixa comes with many useful proposals that brings out the portal to the right direction.

And finally, we have learned a lot and regret us not a second that we have done it.

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