Thursday, 19 January 2012

Am I crazy...?! Or just stubborn?

Been thinking about writing about the thoughts for a time now.
Never seems to be the time, the right thing to know, a lot of excuses simply put.

So, bear with me here, I will try to make my thoughts make sense.

Starting to look at the sites that was available for classifieds, such as Blocket or Craigslist you see the huge numbers of visitors.
Is there really a space for a new site here?...Or am I just crazy to even try?

Well, is there something that most people love, it is the underdog, the against all odds kind of thing.
(Miracle on ice, a lone survivor, Finland vs Sweden World championship 2003  comes to mind)
(Yes, I like hockey as well =) )

Well, enough about that. Down to business.

Internet is always evolving, that is one great thing about it.
If you have a vision, an idea, there is nothing that stops you to try it out.
Finally, if you have the strength, the believe and the work ethic, you can go far.

I am a strong believer in that YOU set your own boundaries.
Not that everyone will succeed with every goal (no, you will not be the richest man ever lived just because of the above, but it is a start), but you have to separate long term goals from short term goals.

Set up a long term goal, and stick with it. Fight, struggle, bite, kick do whatever you deem to be necessary to drive forward (within reason, no kicking old people just to get in front of the line in the supermarket).

Struggle, see the potential and do not be scared!
If you believe in yourself, so will others. With this comes help and support.
That is on of the fundamental things about humanity, together we can do wonderful things. Use the people around you, take critics for they are. Listen, share and argue, argue for you case!

So, how can a newcomer even threat the "big" sites. Look at EbayTradera or even Alibaba for examples.

By wanting to change the world, seeing something that you want to do better, a bit different.
This is why we created Qalixa.
I believe buying and selling on the internet can be done better, more efficient and that all should be able to use it!

For one thing, I hate advertisement. -- Take that away from the site. (some might be good, personalized, know when I want it and so on, but there is a long way for that to work. Right now, NO I do not want to buy perfumes anymore, I checked a couple of sites when I was looking for a present. Get over it!)

It should be free -- The basic service should be free, I love Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Googles services and more free stuff out there.
It should be free, but when a service offers something more, then I can pay for it. If I deem it worth it, for example Spotify 

It should be easy to use -- The interface should be simple and fast

Buying and selling -- I want a product/service from someone. Sometimes used, sometimes new. It depends. But I do not want to go around to different places to find it.

I want to place a classified with my Android phone -- Take a picture with the camera and post it directly. NOT going to the computer and transferring it first, then open the webpage, post tweets to check, do not have time with that ;)

It should be global -- Sometimes, I want things from India for example. Still want to see it in my own language, same site.

It should be both for private individuals and business (B2B, B2C or C2C, lets ditch those and call it for what it is, Business For All B4A)

With those things in mind, we started
It is not complete, but we have come a long way.

Because, we where fighting, kicking and biting.
Hang in there, listen for feedback, adapt....and there is nothing that stops YOU from pursuing you goals, dreams or hobbies.


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