Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Honey, I’ll be home late tonight…

I’m amazed I even made it to work today, considering the heavy rain that struck Gothenburg earlier this morning. It resembled a monsoon, seriously. Anyway, I made it to the office and I couldn’t be happier about this day; once again it’s time for Champions League!

We also made a lot of progress with Qalixa. During the summer we’ve recruited numerous retailers to list their products for free. So the product listing of Qalixa is expanding, but of course there’s more to come.

We expect to launch the new design on the 1st of October, and it’s going to be good, I’ll give you that. You can expect the most from Qalixa when it comes to your online shopping needs. If you’re a buyer, there are, as I mentioned earlier, a lot of retail products to browse and compare. On the other hand, as a seller, the classified set-up is very user-friendly and the potential of getting your item sold will be greater than ever before.

Meanwhile, head to appland.se and download our latest app for android – and stay tuned for more news! 

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