Monday, 17 September 2012

The first but definitely not the last

It all started that day, the day when I was supposed to attend an interview at the office. I had no particular expectations; I had just been told when I was called to the interview that “I would found out more when I got there”. And there was a lot to find out, I’ll tell you that.

My first impression of the office was quite well. It was a calm environment that combined high-tech equipment with an area designed for relaxing. This would suite me very well, I knew that immediately.

But there were still a lot of questions in my head. What’s their purpose? What’s their vision? And why in the world do you need a 110 inch projector screen?! Fortunately, all my questions would be answered.

I was amazed by their vision. The vision that once started as an idea, and that now had evolved into so much more. But what could I contribute with? I had no experience in programming and I’m certainly no businessman. I began to talk about my interests and what I’d like to do for a living in the future. And would you believe it, there was a job just for me!

Now the weeks have passed since the first day at the office. Qalixa has gotten itself a major design upgrade, along with a few extra likes on Facebook. So my work hasn’t been completely under the radar, but as much as I value that I’m still hungry for more.

The past weeks have just been a taste of what this job opportunity really means. I have the chance of achieving something extraordinary; with colleagues I only could imagine working with a year ago by my side. That is really something!

Oh yeah, my name is Alex and I’m a marketer/graphic designer at Qalixa.

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